The Importance of Restoration in the Reentry Process

In previous blogs we have discussed various topics related to inmates and their reentry and transition to civilian life.  The process is never easy, many fail at the attempt and thus, recidivism rates are inexcusably high.  However, there is a common thread to be observed among those inmates who succeed in the process.  They are reunited with family and friends, become gainfully employed and their lives become models to other inmates who have vowed never to return to prison.  Clear-thinking people want to know what makes the difference.

Easter, Inmates and Reconciliation - Part II

In a previous blog I told the true story of "Jane" and her father "John", real people with fictitious names whom we have been privileged to assist in the reentry and transition preparation process.  As this is written we are all facing a very happy Easter celebration as we reflect on the work God has done in these hearts to bring about a healing of relationships.


Every ministry partner, donor and friend – not to mention the ministry employees and leaders, wants to know if their work is successful.  It is both common and appropriate to ask questions such as: “Are we fulfilling our intended purpose and mission?”  “Are lives being positively impacted by our work?”  “Is my generosity/donation to this ministry having a measurable effect?”  These are all legitimate questions and deserve answers.