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Inmate Ministry Resources is a ministry designed to put discipleship materials in the hands of prison inmates. The flagship course is entitled Living On Purpose, and is written primarily by Robert N (Bob) Riddle, who served 8½ years of a 10-year sentence as an inmate in the Florida State Prison system and was released in March, 2018. The other most-requested course is The TRUTH Series, a compilation of 12 lessons dealing with theological and doctrinal truths.

Prisons do not have funds available for spiritual development courses for inmates, so all materials are purchased by church groups, Sunday School classes, other Christian groups or personal benefactors , then donated and distributed to correctional institutions as they are requested. Currently there are more than 3 million men and women incarcerated in the United States alone in county jails, state and federal prisons. At least 10% of them are candidates for the Living On Purpose and The TRUTH Series courses in both English and Spanish. Living On Purpose is shipped in each language as requested by the correctional institution. An inmate must be within 3-5 years of release in order to take this course.

Please get involved with us in this ministry by either Praying, Sharing, or Donating to this vital, life-changing opportunity. All gifts are tax deductible.

John G Gage, President
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