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Pastors, church staff members, lay leaders, and prison inmates preparing for Christian service alike are welcome to take advantage of this study program, regardless of your past educational achievement. The purpose of this program is to equip Christian leaders with a solid theological basis for faith, tools to defend that faith, and practical guidance on church leadership. Our motto is:

Affordable, Practical, Obtainable

To lower tuition costs the Master's Certificate in Biblical Studies is available without formal accreditation from an expensive governing academic body, though an accredited track is available at a higher cost through our strategic educational partners. Pastorsworkshop Seminary is duly registered and tax-exempt status approval is pending for our scholarship fund. Consider this:

Our faculty have all achieved advanced seminary degrees, most with their doctoral degrees from traditional seminaries, some with multiple earned doctorates.

The $495 tuition (for current inmates only) is low because there is no large campus, buildings or salaries requiring financial endowment or support. Generous donors make possible this generous reduction from the normal $2,495 tuition.

The course content is the same conservative, Biblical and solid content one would expect from a traditional seminary-level education. While the language has been made more comfortable, the substance has not been diluted.

For inmates without access to the internet, the entire course is available via mail correspondence with our faculty. There are no required trips to a campus, even for graduation, no additional books to buy and no hidden fees.

The application/enrollment fee is $47.95 and must accompany your application. Once you have completed the online or mail-in form and are accepted as a student, you will be by mail and permitted to complete your tuition via one-time payment, first installment of a payment plan, or application for scholarship assistance. You will then be mailed the courses with accompanying tests and writing assignments.

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